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Employee Benefits at Vidant Wellness Center

Vidant Wellness Center offers a range of services for Vidant Health employees. Receive discounted membership rates to our wellness facilities and participate in many wellness opportunities.

Vidant Employee Wellness

600 Medical Drive, Greenville  NC

Vidant Employee Clinic

The Vidant Employee Clinic is convenient, quality health care for all Vidant Health employees. We understand that your life can be hectic and you're always on the go. The clinic offers health care as time-conscious as you are. We understand your busy schedule and our services are designed to best meet your needs. We try to accommodate as many people per day as possible. Most days we can see you the same day you contact us. The clinic is located on the Vidant Medical Center campus, at 600 Medical Drive in Greenville. It is convenient to the Vidant Medical Center bus stop in the Beasley Parking lot behind our facility.


Rewards is a wellness program for employees. You can earn rewards for being healthy by participating activities for weight loss and nutrition such as walking works or Drop-A-Ton. These programs encourage employees to eat right, exercise and lose weight, with prizes for those who stick with it.

Call (252) 847-2273 if you would like more information.